Office Clerk from the USA Visited India for Gynecomastia and Rhinoplasty Surgery


Hi, I am Kevin, an office clerk from the USA and I visited India for gynecomastia and Rhinoplasty surgery. I always used to avoid social situations like pool parties or trips to beach because of self-consciousness about the appearance of my chest. My doctor suggested me to undergo male breast reduction procedure for my condition. I also wanted to get a nose job for myself. But the cost of both the procedures was too overboard for me to afford. It was then; I started searching for a cost-effective Gynecomastia and rhinoplasty abroad and came across a healthcare provider in India offering cosmetic procedures at reasonably cheaper rates. I got in touch with them and also had a discussion with the surgeon over the phone. He was so nice and explained me about the procedures well. He assured me such that all my worries and nervousness subsided. The medical value provider in India offered a special discount for my procedures and the charges was quite economical for me. After a lot of thinking, I decided to get my surgery done in India and therefore gave them the confirmation on the same. I got my dates for the procedure and landed at the airport in India along with a friend.

Words can’t be enough to describe my appreciation for the medical value provider in India, right from the start of my medical journey they were quite supportive and assisted us with arranging my medical visas, food and lodging in India. An official received us at the airport and escorted to the hospital where we met our surgeon. He was a kind person who explained us the details of the procedures as well what we should expect before and after the surgery. The surgeon, the staff and nurses at the hospital were wonderful. They displayed honesty, compassion and integrity and also respected each of his patients.

My rhinoplasty and Gynecomastia in India came out wonderfully. The surgeon not only gave me what I wanted but he gave me more than what I could dream of. I am greatly indebted to the entire team of the Indian medical travel partner; for their kindness, support and care throughout my procedure in India. I would recommend to anyone considering cosmetic surgery to get it done in India through this healthcare group.

Thank You,

Mr. Kevin,


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